Date: May 18, 2016

Read Stand-out Performer at Interstate Series

New South Wales completed a clean sweep of the Men’s Interstate Teams Matches, downing Queensland 4.5-3.5 in the final at Brisbane Golf Club last Friday.


With Queensland in second place, Victoria finished third followed by Western Australia and South Australia.


Tasmania finished sixth after defeating the Northern Territory 5-2 and securing a good 4.5-2.5 win over South Australia in the final round


While all team members performed well, Tasmania Golf Club’s Paul Read was the stand-out performer of the series with three wins and a halved match.


Queensland won the corresponding women’s championship at Royal Queensland Golf Club the day prior claiming the Gladys Hay Memorial Cup.


Victoria finished second with New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia rounding out the top five places respectively.


Tasmania placed sixth with the best performed for the Apple Isle being Ulverstone Golf Club’s Sarah Johnstone and Tasmania Golf Clubs Georgia Milbourne.


Round Robin Results (Men): New South Wales 6-31, Queensland 5-31, Victoria 3-24.5, Western Australia 3-22, South Australia 2-17, Tasmania 2-14, Northern Territory 0-7.5.


Round Robin Results (Women): Queensland 5-21, Victoria 3-16, New South Wales 3-13, Western Australia 3-12.5, South Australia 0.5-6.5, Tasmania 0.5-6.


Special report by Board member, John Milbourne

The men’s team were very competitive in many matches holding the lead in many cases towards half way, only to yield to competitively hardened opposition on the back nine.  The women’s team showed considerable improvement since last year’s event, winning a number of individual matches and halving the contest against South Australia.

Our players in some cases lacked the competitive hardness of our opposition and we need to look at ways in which our team can be better prepared for the pressure of the event.  Ideas including the scheduling of pennant and match play practice leading into the interstate series may assist.  Without match hardening these matches often went in the oppositions favour.  I am suggesting the staging of a super pennant prior to future interstate series where our state team members and potential state team players from around the state form teams to compete against each other at the highest level.

John Milbourne