Date: October 06, 2017
Author: Golf NSW

RECAP 2016 – Blyth busts door down for biggest career win

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IN 2016, Adam Blyth busted the door down for his biggest career win at the NSW Open.

It took 12 long years and a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to the top of the ladder for the 35-year-old from Queensland.

It was Blyth’s destiny to lift a Championship trophy. He and his Father had dreamt about it for years during their nine hola a day father and son ritual back in Brisbane.

Blyth battled with his golfing demons during the championship last year, and instead of expressing his frustration outwardly, he looked within to find the resilience and presence to cope with the challenges and get to the finish line.

“I try to control my breathing and my mind so that I am in the one spot,” he said.”I was partying already, and I’m like relax dude, you haven’t won anything yet. Slow it down.”

“I was able to do it, and it paid off.”

His father Stephen, who doubles as his caddy and his biggest fan, said his son’s win was right up there as one of his life’s life’s highlights.

“While the golf is great, I’m just so proud of how I brought him up. The reaction he gets from people, he’s well-liked,”

To win twice in the same year gave Blyth the confidence to keep going, keep believing in himself and deliver the potential he has. He knows that golf is a career for the long haul, and he accepts it has its ebbs and flows.

“I’ve been down, but now hopefully I’m rising up now.” He smiled after his win.