Date: May 09, 2013
Author: Golf Australia

Reminder: Handicap Anchor Increase and GOLF Link Offline

TO – Australian Golf Clubs This is to remind you that the new 5-stroke Handicap Anchor Regulation will take effect this coming Tuesday (14 May). In order to bring this change into effect, we will need to take GOLF Link off-line from 10.00pm AEST on Monday 13 May until 5.00am AEST on Tuesday 14 May. In the period following GOLF Link coming back on-line, it is anticipated that connection to the system will be at normal speeds. GOLF Link will re-calculate the handicaps of all Anchored players during the hours the system is off-line. Further details of this regulatory change are contained in the original announcement that was made on 5 April 2013. This announcement is available from this webpage