Date: January 06, 2018
Author: Golf Australia

Rika reaps rewards from MyGolf


A 15-year-old girl who was Australia’s MyGolfer of the month back in September 2013 when she was just 11 is now helping to nurture the next generation of female golfers in a remote community.

Her name is Katelyn Rika, and she lives in Gove in the Northern Territory. Since the age of eight, she has been besotted with the game of golf.

“I am super excited to be helping deliver the upcoming MyGolf program for girls,” says Katelyn. “Golf gives me so much joy and I love showing other girls how much fun it can be.”

MyGolf is Australia’s national introductory junior golf program and its girls-only program at the Gove Country Golf Club starts on Thursday 15 February at 4:00pm.

Designed for kids aged 5-12, MyGolf helps develop golf skills and engages kids in a fun, social, healthy and accessible way.

Having played golf for over five years, Katelyn is now an accomplished golfer, not only in the NT but nationally. She is the number one junior girl and female golfer in the NT and her national junior ranking is currently #89.

Image: Katelyn at age 11 winning Golf Australia's MyGolfer of the month, September 2013.

She now travels the continent to play in the top junior tournaments. “It is a great experience and a good way to meet new people,” says Rika.

Katelyn’s mother Esther is a community golf instructor and will be delivering the upcoming MyGolf girls program alongside her daughter: “Our three daughters all play. Golf is such a great sport – you can play anywhere, anytime, at any age and with anyone. We would love to see more young girls playing golf at our club in 2018.”

As part of its focus on getting more women and girls into golf, Golf Australia is piloting MyGolf programs for girls around Australia. These programs will further emphasise learning in teams and shared fun, which make sport more attractive and fun for girls. No golf attire, equipment or experience is necessary for girls to be part of the program.

Esther is very proud of Katelyn, who is looking forward to being a great role model for local girls. Katelyn will be delighted to help your daughter, niece or grand-daughter get into golf!

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