Date: March 21, 2017
Author: Junior Golf Queensland

Rules & Etiquette

Golf is more fun when you know the rules and know how to act on the course. The rules of golf are intended to make the game fair for everyone (including juniors) and are uniform the world over, making golf more fun. Every golfer should carry a copy of the rules, which are available free of charge from your golf club or state golf association.


There are two basic principles to always remember about golf:
• Play the ball as it lies
• Play the course as you find it

The R&A is golf's world rules and development body, on their website is a rules quiz to test your knowledge.

To view some of the basic rules of golf, click here.

Etiquette & Pace of Play

There are manners and customs in golf known as etiquette. The idea behind etiquette is to give everyone a chance to play their best, compete fairly and have fun. Golf etiquette is a mixture of common sense and courtesy.

Every golfer regardless of experience or level of play will be expected to abide by the same code of behaviour. Even when you step onto a golf course for the first time, there will be an expectation that you understand and observe the code of behaviour.

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