Date: September 19, 2018
Author: GA Rules

Rules of Golf Definitions

The Definitions section of the Rules of Golf contains over forty Definitions which form the foundation around which the Rules of play are written. A good knowledge of the defined terms will help in the correct application of the Rules. These include:

Teeing Ground – the starting place for the hole, defined by two tee-markers.

Through the Green – the whole area of the golf course except the teeing ground and putting green of the hole being played and all hazards.

Hazards – any bunker or water hazard.

Putting Green – an area specially prepared for putting and containing a 4.25 inch diameter hole.

Out of Bounds – ground on which play is prohibited i.e. not part of the course. A ball is out of bounds when all of it lies out of bounds.

Loose Impediments – natural objects such as stones, leaves and twigs provided they are not fixed or growing, are not solidly embedded and are not sticking to the ball.

Obstructions – any man-made object, except:
(i) objects defining out of bounds;
(ii) any part of an immovable man-made object which is out of bounds; and
(iii) any construction declared by the Committee in the Local Rules to be an integral part of the course.

Casual Water – any temporary accumulation of water on the course which is visible before or after the player takes his stance (dew and frost are not casual water).

Ground Under Repair – any portion of the course so marked by the Committee. Also includes material piled for removal and a hole made by a greenkeeper, even if not so marked.