Date: May 22, 2018
Author: Brian Nesbitt

Rules quiz – Autumn 2018

Level 1, No Rule Book Quiz – Rule Headings please.

The key here is to try to learn Pages 3 and 4 in the Rule Book.

Here I want you to fill in the Rule Headings:

1.         Rule 26   Heading is….                       

2.         Rule 24             

3.         Rule 22 

4.         Rule 20                       

5.         Rule 19

6.         Rule 14

7.         Rule 12           

8.         Rule 10

9.         Rule 8

10.       Rule 6           


Level 1, you may use the Rule Book if necessary here, but I want the Rule number and sub-paragraph as well please.

1.         Practice During Round

2.         Advice

3.         Ball in Hazard; Prohibited Actions

4.         Improving Lie, Area of Intended Stance or Swing, or Line of Play

5.         Ball Overhanging Hole

6.         Wrong Ball

7.         Ball at Rest Moved by Caddie or Equipment

8.         Making Next Stroke from where Previous Stroke Made

9.         Playing from a Wrong Place

10.       Local Rules Obstructions


This next Section will require the use of the Decisions Book and is aimed at Level 2 Referees.  Please give the Decision number, but you should be able to give the Rule number and possibly the sub-paragraph from memory!

1.   Is a tree in a bunker part of the bunker?

2.   A player swings at and misses a wrong ball.  What is the ruling?

3.   In order for A to be entitled to have B’s ball lifted because of interference, does B’s ball have to be on or near A’s line of play and thus in a position to interfere physically with A’s ball?  Or may A also have B’s ball lifted if it is off his line of play but catches his eye and thus constitutes mental interference?         

4.    A player hits his tee shot into a deep canyon.  The player immediately deems the ball unplayable and plays another ball from the tee under the stroke and distance option of Rule 28.  May a player deem unplayable a ball which has not been found?

5.   In stroke play, A and B drive into the same area in the rough.  B finds a ball and hits it into the middle of a deep water hazard.  A finds a ball that turns out to be B’s ball. No other ball is found in the area, so presumably B played A’s ball.  B incurs a penalty of two strokes under Rule 15-3b and must play his own ball.  What is the proper procedure for A?           

6.   A player rotates his ball on the putting green to line up the trademark with the hole.  He did not lift the ball, mark its position or change its position.  Is there a penalty?

7.   A and B hit their balls into ground under repair.  The balls are approximately half a metre apart.  A’s ball is farther from the hole.  Both players decide to take relief.  Is the order of play for the next shot determined by the relative positions of the balls before relief is taken, or after?

8.  A ball lies just outside a bunker.  The player takes his stance in the bunker.  May the player ground his club on the sand in the bunker or touch the sand during his backswing?

9.  In playing a tee shot A misses the ball.  Before playing his next stroke, A presses down turf behind the ball.  Is this permissible, since the ball is in play?

10. In a wet area, casual water is not visible before or after the player takes his normal stance.  However, by pressing down hard with one foot, the player causes water to appear around the sole of his shoe.  Is the player entitled to relief under rule 25-1b?

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