Date: February 23, 2018
Author: Brian Nesbitt

Rules Quiz

Level 1, No Rule Book Quiz – Rule Headings please.

The key here is to try to learn Pages 3 and 4 in the Rule Book.

Here I want you to fill in the Rule Headings:

1.         Rule 3   Heading is….                       

2.         Rule 5             

3.         Rule 9 

4.         Rule 14                       

5.         Rule 22

6.         Rule 23

7.         Rule 12           

8.         Rule 20

9.         Rule 26

10.       Rule 25           


Level 1, you may use the Rule Book if necessary here, but I want the Rule number and sub-paragraph as well please.

1.         Doubt as to procedure

2.         Undue Delay

3.         Indicating Line of Play

4.         Tee Markers

5.         Lifting Ball for Indentification

6.         Ball Interfering with Play

7.         Provisional Ball

8.         Dropping and Re-dropping Ball

9.         Ball in Motion deflected or stopped by Caddie

10.       Ball in Obstruction not found.


This next Section will require the use of the Decisions Book and is aimed at Level 2 Referees.  Please give the Decision number, but you should be able to give the Rule number and possibly the sub-paragraph from memory!

1.   A player positions their golf bag near the teeing ground for the purpose of blocking the sunlight from the position where they tee their ball. They then make a stroke. Are they in breach of Rule 14-2?

2.   During a stipulated round, may a player make a practice swing using a club with a weighted head cover on it?

3.   A player’s ball comes to rest on the apron of a green. Mistakenly thinking the ball is on the green, the player marks, lifts and cleans it. The player incurs a penalty stroke for lifting the ball without authority, but does the player also incur a penalty stroke for cleaning the ball?

4.    A player’s ball lies in a water hazard. In applying Rule 26-1b, the player drops a ball in another water hazard. Is this permissible?

5.   Is a player allowed five minutes to search for their original ball and five more minutes to search for their provisional ball, or just a total of 5 minutes?

       6.   A player’s ball lies in a water hazard.  Being upset by an insect (a loose impediment) flying in the hazard, may the player swat the insect?

7.   A player plays out of a bunker backwards and then smoothes their footprints. They then realise that the smoothed area is now on their line of play to the green. Is the player in breach of any rule?

8.  Must competitors in a hole by hole play-off in stroke play complete score cards and return them to the Committee?

9.  Two players playing in the same competition at different times on the same day caddie for each other. Is this permissible?           

10. In a match, C and D left the 18th green both thinking that C had won the match. Ten minutes later they realised that the result was actually all square. How should the Committee rule?

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