Date: June 20, 2013
Author: JNJG

Sandy Hollow Students Love Golf

Nestled between Merriwa and Denman on the Golden Highway is the small township of Sandy Hollow. It has no golf course but it has a group of 46 students and teachers who very much enjoy doing the JNJG MyGolf program. Utilising the oval and tennis court the whole school from Kindy to Year 6 have been doing the MyGolf (previously Go Go Golf) program for the past 10 years, three sessions a year. Sharon said "It’s not very often that you rock up to a school to set up, ALL the kids come down asking to help, it is a production line with allocated jobs in place and everyone knows what they have to do. It’s also not very often at school visits l get a strawberry milkshake for morning tea!!"

Sandy Hollow School is organising with Merriwa Sports Club to hold a sports day at their facilities in September which will incorporate bowls, putt putt golf and a Wombat Golf challenge including an Ambrose event and Skill Challenges. This will link the school (and parents) with the club and allow students to put their golfing abilities leant through the MYGolf program at school onto the actual golf course. It is also hoped that those students keen to take golf further will start utilising the club facilities or those at Denman Golf Club and will look at doing Golf in secondary level when they move to their new schools. Golfing skills learnt early in the school environment will be with these students wherever their paths may lead and that is one of the reasons why the MyGolf program is so exciting. The kid’s associate golf with having fun, playing games and wanting to learn, a sure recipe for success.

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