Date: May 03, 2013

Score Updates – Interstate Series

The 2013 Interstate Series is currently being played until Friday 3 May at Royal Hobart G.C. and Tasmania G.C.

Follow all the progress of the Victorian Senior Teams: 

SCORE UPDATES – Women’s Interstate Teams Matches

SCORES UPDATES – Men’s Interstate Teams Matches

The Australian Men’s and Women’s Interstate Teams Matches are Australia’s pinnacle Amateur Team Golf Championships. The Women play for the Gladys Hay Memorial Trophy. Each State plays each other State over singles match play in a round robin format, concluding with a Final. The Men’s teams consist of eight players, while the Women’s teams consist of six players.

2013 Australian Women’s Interstate Teams Matches (for the Gladys Hay Memorial Trophy)

2013 Australian Men’s Interstate Teams Matches

Victorian State Women’s Team

Jo Charlton (Metropolitan G.C.) 
Grace Lennon (Kingston Heath G.C.) 
Bianca Ling (Kingswood G.C.) 
Su-Hyun Oh (Metropolitan G.C.) 
Tilly Poulson (Kingston Heath G.C.)
Julienne Soo (Woodlands G.C.) 

Victorian State Men’s Team

Geoff Drakeford (Commonwealth G.C.) 
Bec Eccles (Victorian G.C.) 
Lucas Herbert (Commonwealth G.C.) 
Nathan Holman (Woodlands G.C.) 
Anthony Houston (Kingswood G.C.) 
Ryan Ruffels (Victoria G.C.) 
Todd Sinnott (Metropolitan G.C.) 
Tom Power Horan (Cheltenham G.C.)