Date: December 12, 2014
Author: Golf Australia

Scott and wife reportedly expecting first child

Australian Golf Digest has reported that world No.3 Adam Scott’s wife Marie Kojzar, who he married in a private ceremony in April, is expecting a child in just nine weeks.

Currently on the Gold Coast for the Australian PGA Championship, Scott revealed that the life changing moment is just around the corner.

 “I’m going to be doing that (having a baby) pretty soon; it’s not far away now. In nine weeks,”

“We’re not going to be in one place very long at the moment so it’s going to be a travelling baby and have to do with a makeshift bed for the time being but I’m pretty sure it won’t know the difference.

“Fortunately I’ve paid attention to all the guys trying to figure out how to raise their kids [on tour]. I’m sure there are no secrets and you learn as you go along but I might have to ask for some nappy-changing advice.”

 “I was probably surprised more than anything, nothing was really planned but of course incredibly excited.”

“It’s got to that point in life and it will be a new challenge and hopefully a lot of fun.”