Date: April 01, 2016
Author: Martin Blake

Scott confesses to green jacket hijinks

Adam Scott has admitted to a wardrobe malfunction with the famous green jacket awarded to Masters winners.

After Scott won in 2013, the first of his countrymen to achieve the feat, he came back to Australia and undertook his own tour with the jacket, turning up at friends' homes, at former clubs and catching up with people who had helped him along the journey. He attended a dinner at Royal Melbourne and sat patiently for what seemed like hours at the Australian PGA Championship on the Gold Coast while a huge line of people made their way through the queue to get an autograph and have a picture snapped with him.

The Masters winner is allowed to take the green jacket home for exactly a year and can wear it any time he is invited to an event. Phil Mickelson famously wore his on a Krispy Creme run. By the time the reigning champion returns to Augusta National 12 months on, he can only wear it on the grounds of the golf club, for instance at the annual champions' dinner, and then returns it to the club.

Scott had problems with the excitement of his friends, telling recently: "There are a couple things I remember clearly, but to generalize it all is just everyone's shock of seeing the Green Jacket. It's something that no one really gets to see, ever, outside the grounds of Augusta. You don't really see the trophy presented ever on TV, either, so everyone associates the Masters with the Green Jacket, so it's like the trophy. One of the buttons was ripped off by a friend of mine because he was just so excited; you're hugging and he got a hold of it, he's got his hands on the jacket and one of the buttons came off.''

Asked how he had it repaired, Scott said: "It was in Australia, so we patched that one up quickly. I think it was a home job actually, but I didn't do it.''