Date: July 07, 2015
Author: Martin Blake

Scott confident on Old Course

Adam Scott is not fussed where he wins an Open Championship. After an infamous fade-out second place in 2012 behind Ernie Els, third in 2013 and fifth last year, anywhere would do. St Andrews fits the bill, undoubtedly.

On the verge of the 29th return of the oldest tournament to the Old Course next week, the Australian has written in the latest issue of ‘Golf Australia’ magazine of his fierce desire to win at the home of the game, “the place you’d choose to win an Open if you could”.

He also writes that the world’s most revered golfing venue is right for his game.  “The Old Course is one I’ve always felt suits me. I played it a lot in the first half of my career – the 2000 Open was just my fourth start as a pro – and I’ve had some good rounds around there but I haven’t played it much latterly, so I intend to go to Scotland early and spend a bit of time playing it.’’

In his column, Scott writes that he intends using the long putter for the rest of this year, despite dabbling with a regulation-length putter recently. From January 1, anchoring is banned in the putting stroke.

“It’s been fun putting a little with the short putter again – I used it at the WGC event at Doral, where I had my best finish of the season so far,’’ Scott said. “I thought I wouldn’t play around with short putters again until after the end of this year but during my ‘off-season’ in January and February I found myself having some fun looking at other ways to do it.

“Doral was a good opportunity to test myself with the short version in an important championship after so long away from one, but ultimately If felt the long putter was bringing me better results on the greens, so I intend to ride out the rest of the year with it, while still practising with the short putter away from tournaments.’’

Scott says despite a change of shafts in his irons that messed with his distance control, his game is coming together.

He wants another major to go with his 2013 Masters triumph, and he is aware of the unwritten rule about World Golf Hall of Fame membership; you need two to get there. “I’m pretty certain they won’t forget about me if I can snare another major.’’


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