Date: April 03, 2018
Author: Martin Blake

Scott goes to left field for new coach


Adam Scott has acknowledged he is working with a new – and slightly left-field – instructor as he prepares to repeat his 2013 Masters win at Augusta National.

Scott has turned to Californian coach George Gankas, who made his name as an online instructor with a popular Youtube channel, after parting ways with his brother-in-law Brad Malone last year.

However the Australian who created history by becoming the first of his countrymen to win the Masters said there would be no dramatic changes.

“I don’t really think they’re swing changes,’’ he told ‘On the Range’ today. “I don’t think my swing looks very different. I’m just trying to square the clubface like anybody else, and I feel really good with that. I haven’t worked with anyone for a long time. So to talk golf swings with someone’s been fun for me again. I feel very comfortable with where it’s at.’’

Gankas, 47, grew to prominence with a cult following for his instructional videos under the name of ‘GG Swing Tips’, but has since changed his business name after a dispute with his business partner. His Youtube channel has more than three million views.

Scott first linked up with Gangas about a month ago, raising some eyebrows in the golf coaching community given that his swing is regarded as bulletproof already.

Scott is delighted to be back at Augusta, where he was in the top 10 last year.

“They keep doing things to make it more and more special. It’s fantastic to keep coming back, obviously as a champion and also as a competitor. Absolutely I want to capture those feelings this week. I’d love to get in the mix again.”