Date: November 28, 2013
Author: Golf Australia

Scott Laycock Round 1 Greenside Interview Transcript

SCOTT LAYCOCK – ROUND 1 – GREENSIDE Q. It&aposs the Australian Open, well played. SCOTT LAYCOCK: Yeah, no, it was a bit of Scott of old there, it was nice, pleasing. Q. I picked you up on about 11 or 12 I think it was and the score I reckon could have been six or seven, maybe eight or nine under. You were playing that well. Was it that good early? SCOTT LAYCOCK: Yeah, I had six under the front and missed, I holed bomb on the fifth hole I think, the par 3 but I had some really good chances from inside, probably three metres on the other few holes as well. It was very pleasing. Q. It obviously felt good. What was working well? Was it your game in total was in sync today? SCOTT LAYCOCK: Yeah, well the main issue for me has been my driving. If I can get in the fairway my strength&aposs my iron play, so I drove it well and my iron play gives me chances. Q. What about the conditions, it was perfectly really, you were first group off today, it was perfect. The wind got up when you were coming back towards the clubhouse? Did it start playing a bit tough on the back nine? SCOTT LAYCOCK: Definitely. We had to wait on the cross over after nine, we waited on the 10th tee for the last group to go off and then the wind got up from there. It&aposs certainly a stronger nine than the front nine. You really need to play well on the back to score well. Q. What are you doing now? You&aposve played; your first group out, you&aposve got a long afternoon ahead of you before you come back tomorrow arvo. What do you do between now and then? SCOTT LAYCOCK: Go down the pub and have a few I suppose. [LAUGHS] No, I&aposll go up and have a bite of lunch and come out and just try and keep doing what I&aposm doing I suppose. Q. It&aposs good to see mate, well played. SCOTT LAYCOCK: Good on you. Thanks Andy. Transcripts provided by