Date: November 27, 2013
Author: Martin Blake at Royal Sydney

Scott shares the love in green jacket tour

Adam Scott took a visit from his godfather, Kym Mattsson, in Melbourne last week, and the way he responded tells you a lot about how the world No. 2 has handled the response to his historic win in the Masters at Augusta National this year. In particular, how he has shared the experience of the famous green jacket of Augusta National Golf Club, part of the winner&aposs treasure. “He (Mattsson) met me at the hotel room and I came out with it on, and he was blown away,&apos&apos said Scott today. Week after week in his return to his native country, Scott finds people whom he wants to thank, and it is the green jacket that he uses to say it with. Charlie Earp, the iconic former head pro at Royal Queensland Golf Club was one of his earliest influences, and Earp took a visit from Scott with the jacket, too, just recently. “I&aposd like to go to Royal Queensland in it, all these things,&apos&apos said Scott. “I don&apost know if there&aposs going to be time for it all, but we can try. Part of it was wanting to share it with as many people as I can, not just people who&aposve had an involvement with my game.&apos&apos It is not an ego thing. It is just that the 33-year-old Scott has been around long enough, comes from a golfing family, and knows how much the breaking of that drought at Augusta meant to Australians. And he is not inclined to keep that it to himself. His guttural roar on the 18th green back in April — “COME ON AUSSIE&apos&apos — is evidence of that. There are limits of course. Scott will not let anyone else wear it, not even close friends and family, and when Golf Australia hosted a cocktail party in Sydney last night to kick off the Emirates Australian Open week, he was not wearing it either. That&aposs because the likes of Rory McIlroy and Geoff Ogilvy, also major winners, were in the audience, and he did not want to be disrespectful. On Saturday night he will be a guest at an Australian Golf Writers Association function in Sydney, and on that occasion he has agreed to wear it. Today he said he expected that garment to make its way to Royal Sydney for at least one day&aposs play this week, just as it did at Royal Pines a few weeks ago where the lines of autograph-hunters and amateur photographers snaked around the course. Generous with his time to a T, Scott shared the moment as much as he could. He has a year from April in which to celebrate. Once the Masters comes around again next April, that jacket can only be worn at Augusta National under the conventions of the Masters tournament. But to be sure, Adam Scott is enjoying his triumph still. And so are thousands of other Australians.