Date: August 21, 2014
Author: Golf Australia

Scott: Trying to convince Steve to go on

Adam Scott is focussing on the Playoffs over the next month but he has another thing on his mind: convincing veteran caddie Steve Williams to continue for another year with him on the PGA Tour.

Speaking to the Golf Show on Fox Sports earlier this year, Williams said he wanted to either retire or go part-time.

"Adam knows my intentions. He knows that 2014 will be my last year of doing it full-time so he knows that if I'm going to carry on in 2015 it will be on a limited basis," Williams said in March.

"So we're just trying to focus on having the best year that we can in 2014 and then we'll discuss it at the end of the year."

Williams said three-and-a-half decades on tour was enough.

"I think it's my 36th year of continuous caddying, so 36 is a number that's sort of synonymous with golf," he said.

"I've just turned 50 and I just thought it was the right time.”

"I've not had enough of the job, but I've certainly had enough of the travelling.”

When asked about progress with the Williams discussions on Wednesday at The Barclays, Scott said he was still hopeful of convincing the long-time looper.

 “He's going to see the rest of the year out, so we've got some events beyond and hopefully I can talk him into coming back next year,” Scott said.

“I'd like to do that. As far as part-time and everything, I don't think we've really touched on that. I think you're either in or you're out. But you know, I think I can talk him into coming back next year, hopefully.”

As far as a contingency plan, Scott maintained that he hasn’t started working on that yet, either.

“No, I haven't looked at anything like that,” he said. “I'd like to have Steve caddie for me, that's for sure.