Date: December 16, 2015
Author: Moore Park Golf Club

Share the Course

'Share the Course’ – A new pace of play initiative at Moore Park Golf

Moore Park Golf is tackling pace of play issues head on with a new customer initiative. ‘Share the Course’ is designed to encourage players to work together to ensure a high quality golfing experience for all users of the facility.

The ‘Share the Course’ initiative has been launched with a customer charter and on course signage that sets out clear expectations for course users in a humorous, tasteful and honest way. Tackling the issues of pace of play and course care, the program is designed to provide simple techniques which all players can adopt to modify the way they interpret and play the game.

“I am really excited to bring to life our ‘Share the Course initiative’ said General Manager Erich Weber. “We came up with this strategy to bolster our positive pace of play culture. Our style is not your typical authoritarian approach that our industry has had a reputation for. Our artwork is simple, to the point and speaks to our audience in plain language. We hope that the humour helps the messages cut through and ultimately, lead to a change in people’s style of play.”

In a high volume facility like Moore Park Golf, the team are confident that Share the Course will help all guests recognise that using sand or repairing pitch marks is a shared responsibility which result in a better playing surface for all.

“Pace of play and course maintenance are some of the game’s biggest challenges” continued Erich Weber. “As Sydney’s home of public golf, we believe in taking a lead role within the industry and believe our customers will support us to make this initiative incredibly successful.”