Date: December 12, 2016
Author: Mark Hayes

Shark vows to ‘shatter’ golf institutions

Greg Norman has never been afraid to take on authority — and this time he says he'll rattle golf's foundations.

In a cryptic address to select journalists on a trip to Mexico, the champion Australian golfer has reportedly promised a business-driven move later this year that "shatter" the game's old ways.

"In the middle second quarter of next year, I’ll invite you guys down to my office. We will tell you exactly how we’re going to break this cast iron that’s been wrapped around golf for so long. We’re going to shatter it," he said.

"The institutions will eventually buy into it because they will have to buy into it. They won’t have a choice."

Multiple outlets reported that Norman's chief concern appeared to be the intentions of the game's governing bodies.

"Where do you guys see the USGA, the PGA Tour, the R&A going? Where do you see corporate dollars moving, networks, sponsorship. Where is this game heading?" Norman reportedly asked.

"Is golf out of sync because the USGA, PGA Tour, PGA of America, R&A and the other institutions are out of sync?

"Do you think they have their constituents' best interests at heart when they do what they do?

"I can tell you this — by the third quarter of next year we’re going to market with a new product. You guys are going to say, ‘Wow, nobody has ever thought about this’."

Stay tuned.