Date: October 13, 2016
Author: Golf Australia

Short film: Golf’s untold stories


We often underestimate the magic of golf, its versatility and ability to bring people together.

So, to celebrate Golf Month, we wanted to unearth and share a few of golf’s untold stories.

We found some of Australia’s most passionate golfers and asked them “What drives you?”

You might have seen one of these stories already. Perhaps even two. But we’ve had such wonderful feedback from around the country, we decided to put all four together into one film. We think you’ll love it.

Bianca and Nick

Packing up for day trips and weekends away, Bianca and Nick use golf as a vehicle to discover Australia’s hidden gems.

“Nick and I have done quite a few day trips and weekends away together, and golf has been a huge driving factor for that,” said Bianca.

Not every shot is perfect but, when it gels, there is nothing they would rather be doing.

“It’s the joy of hitting that really good shot right out the middle of the bat – there’s no better feeling,” according to Nick.



For Mark, golf is an integral part of the local community. And while the town of St James has humble population of just 363 people, a visit to St James Golf Club would quickly validate that size doesn’t matter.

“I have to say I’m tremendously proud of the St James Golf Club. It’s a club that’s hit way above its weight for a long time,” said Mark.

“I love the camaraderie and the fact is, perhaps unlike other sports, no polygraph test reveals the strength of human character more than a round of golf.”


Jackson and Penny

Fascinated by the intricacies of each shot, 12-year-old Jackson is driven to master the game.

“I love hitting the ball a long way. I love what you can do with the golf ball. You can draw it and fade it. Watching the golf ball fly is just really cool.”

And for Mum Penny, there’s nothing better than seeing her son follow his dreams.

“It’s an internal thing. He’s got such a passion for the sport and he gets so much enjoyment from it,” said Penny.


Ally and Matt

Father-daughter duo Ally and Matt spend plenty of quality time together on the golf course. However, for Ally golf is not only a sport she plays with her dad and grandad.

“A lot of people think it’s an older person’s sport. I get told that a lot at school, but it’s good for all ages.

“I love playing on the weekend and catching up with my friends, and playing with dad and granddad as well.”

For Matt, golf is about escaping the day to day to do something he truly loves.

“For me it’s about getting away from everyday life and the stresses involved. It’s a great release,” he said.

“I still get a thrill every time I turn up to a golf course. We have a great time. It’s good fun.”