Date: March 31, 2017
Author: Simon Weston

Simon Weston’s Development Report

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During the first few months of 2017 we have seen some very exciting outcomes for the development of golf in Tasmania.

Firstly, Kingston Beach Golf Club was awarded the MyGolf centre of the month in February. Congratulations must go to Toni Brown and her team of volunteers as well as Shaun Smith and Brett Johns. Thank you also to state women team member Zahara Lemon for offering her time to help grow the game. Kingston Beach Golf Club now has 45 registered MyGolf participants which is a terrific effort by all involved and the future of junior golf looks strong at this club. As such they were recognised by Golf Australia with this national award. Well done!

I am hopeful of replicating these results at more Tasmanian golf clubs. If your golf club doesn’t have a PGA members to lead the program, we can assist in getting a club member (or multiple people) trained as a “community golf instructors”. This then allows you to actively promote the MyGolf program and attract some juniors back into the game.

We recognise that it requires time and effort but for the future of our golf clubs and the game in general, it is something that needs to be done. Growing the game by increasing the number of juniors remains a priority for Golf Tasmania.

Please let me know if you would like more details on how we can establish a MyGolf program at your golf club.


Swing Fit is the nationally recognised female participation program. We have had several success stories with golf clubs offering Swing Fit.

Scottsdale and St Helens Golf Clubs both offered a Swing Fit program recently. Both these clubs do not have the services of a PGA member. Club members were trained as community golf instructors and with the support of Golf Tasmania offered a six week program.

The outcome has been positive for both clubs. Scottsdale and St Helens have both gained upward of four new female members each as a result of offering Swing Fit. Both clubs will offer a new program again this year. We have had terrific feedback from the participants.

It is great to see some of our regional clubs make a real effort to attract new women members to their clubs. Well done to all involved.

Kingston Beach were able to attract 14 participants & it is expected that some of these women will also join the golf club at the competition of the program.

Swing Fit can be offered by all Tasmania golf club. Please contact me for more details.


I am currently planning my next round of club visits. I look forward to spending time at all Tasmanian golf clubs working with committee members on game development & club support.

Please call me on 0438 667 331 anytime for more details

Simon Weston