Date: September 29, 2016
Author: Warren Gray

Six reasons to give Pitch and Putt a try

Warren Gray has played golf most of his life but finds getting out on the traditional long course, just that little bit too hard nowadays. He now plays the Pitch and Putt version of golf and loves it. Here, he shares a few reasons why Pitch and Putt golf might be the activity for you, too.

Have you ever played golf and are now starting to think your golfing life is nearing an end? Do you want to have an exercise regime that is not overly strenuous? Would you like to have some time spent with your grand children? Or, do you just want to hone your short golf game skills? Then the Canberra International Pitch and Putt (CIPP) golf club is the place for you!

Come along to our catch-up day to have a coffee and a chat about CIPP and the game of Pitch and Putt (P&P) and what it is, what benefits it has and how you might get involved and playing. It is a game that provides a level of health and fitness physically, mentally and socially! In fact, the health benefits of golf are so considerable that on of Scotland’s leading doctors says that golf should be prescribed.

Here are six reasons why P&P may well be the activity you have been looking for and didn’t know it!

1.     P&P golf suits players of all levels of ability, including the beginner/learner. You only need to have an interest in it to be able to go and play it. Like any game, you improve with practice.  You don't need to be physically strong or have the fitness of a marathon runner to successfully play P&P. It caters for people from pre-teens to mid 90's including everywhere in between. It would be the ideal game to spend some quality time with your grandkids 

2.     It does not wipe out your day. A game of P&P takes approximately 90 minutes and leaves you with plenty of fitness to play some more or, then get on with the rest of your day. Some P&P courses are floodlit and therefore, allow play during both night and day, perfect during balmy summer evenings or a quick round after you house duties have been completed or, a game with the grandkids after school.

3.     Like all golf, P&P uses a handicap system to allow everyone to compete on a level basis (for competition purposes only).  P&P is a great adjunct to normal golf where it hones the skills of the "short game" of even the most talented of golfers. P&P represents approximately 66% of the scoring shots of normal golf. P&P excludes the 33% which are the long distance shots from the tees and long shots from fairways.

4.     Equipment requirements for P&P are cheaper. Only three golf clubs are allowed, a putter and two other clubs; this keeps costs down. Most players use a smaller and lighter golf bag or specialised club holder which cost less and weigh much less than conventional golf equipment. The cost of P&P is much less than normal golf. Green fees are understandably less, the cost of clubs and bags is much less and it is very rare to lose a golf ball during a game of P&P. Indeed, some players have a favourite golf ball which they may have and, use for several years.

5.     There is a closer and friendlier attitude between those who regularly play P&P. We typically have nothing to prove and simply enjoy socialising while getting some open air exercise. The closer proximity between tees and greens all over the course supports socialising to an extent which simply isn't possible on a conventional golf course.

6.     There is a level of competition available to suit everyone. Non-competitive social golf, routine competitive golf which caters for all levels of ability via the handicap system. Inter-club competitions, interstate, national and international competitions.

For anyone interested in learning more about Pitch and Putt and lives in Canberra, Warren is holding a Pitch and Putt Information Day. He hopes to create a regular group of grandparents and grandkids that get active and have fun together.