Date: September 21, 2016
Author: Dave Tease

Smyth smashed by food scare

It was meant to be a taste of life on one of the world's biggest tours, but for NSW State Team Captain Travis Smyth, a bout of food poisoning has all but destroyed the opportunity.

Smyth was supposed to tee it up on the Japanese Tour in the Asia Pacific Golf Championship Diamond Golf Cup at the Ibaraki Country Club in Osaka beginning tomorrow but after contracting a severe dose of food poisoning while en-route, the chances of him even making it to the golf course now are very slim indeed.

"I doubt I'll be playing. I got a food infection on the way up here and I've been bed ridden for three days.

"I can't eat a thing and feel like death. It's been horrendous.

"Anytime I try to eat something it just comes straight back up," he said.

Smyth was given a check up at a local hospital and put on an intravenous drip shortly after arriving. He's now recovering in his hotel room and waiting for his flight home.

"I got put on a drip and given some stuff to take for it. Biggest thing is I feel so weak and lethargic.

'It's really disappointing to come this far for only a week and have this happen,

"I've been looking forward to playing in this event. I know how well Curtis (Luck) went last year," a dejected Smyth said.

For now, all Smyth can do is keep hydrated by sucking on ice cubes. Let his body recover and watch Japanese TV in his hotel room. He's hopeful of being good enough to fly home on Monday.

"I've got travel insurance thankfully, so I'll just fly home the day after the event."