Date: August 26, 2019
Author: Greg Oakford

Social golfer / Customer acquisition strategy

Strategic plan link: "Establish a digital offering for the social golfer"

Following some extensive research into golf’s different audiences, we have identified four primary customer groups (see diagram below). These various customer groups will be targeted through our customer acquisition strategy that will focus primarily on digital acquisitions. After exploring different CPA (cost per acquisition) options to attract new customers (golfers) into our GA ecosystem, it was clear that digital acquisitions will be the most economical. For those that saw The Masters, The Open and Women’s British Open tipping competitions, this is one example of many digital acquisition campaigns.

We have signed a partnership agreement with digital campaign company “Peazie” to assist us in creating specialised digital campaigns to generate new golfers on our database from our customer groups. The first campaign with Peazie will be commencing in early September and will feature 3 x major prizes from Drummond Golf and 20 x three-month complimentary subscriptions to Kayo Sports.

We will be running multiple Peazie promotional campaigns over the coming 6-12 months. There will be potential opportunities for different areas of the GA business to be involved with a future Peazie campaign.

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