Date: July 02, 2019
Author: Golf Australia

South Australia club golf results – Monday


KOOYONGA: Women's Pennant Semi-f: A4 KOOYONGA 3-1/2 d BLACKWOOD 1-1/2 (Z Doling d M Marsh 5-4, J Marriott d V Lough 4-3, J Woods lost to M Schrader 7-5, K Chenoweth sq D Cottrell, P Oxenham d J Behn 4-2), THE GRANGE 3 d THE VINES 2 (T Bathay lost to C Hayward 6-5, L Dearing lost to K Michaezson 6-5, S Thompson d R Brunton 2-1, S Hedley d L Cummings 3-2, L Weatherall d K Hender 5-3). Cleek 2 results: THE GRANGE 3 d GLENELG 2 (J Prior d J Rice 3-1, L Manuel d G Hall 6-4, S Murdock lost to A Rieniets 1 up, D Downes d J McCarthy 1 up (19th), O O'Rourke lost to L Carter 1 down (19th). THAXTED PARK 3 d FLAGSTAFF HILL 2 (K Waddington lost to M Han 5-4, J Holt d Y Riddell 1 up, R Laredo lost to B Welke 4-3, H Holman d A Graham 3-2, C Larsen d L Mitchell 3-1.