Date: May 26, 2015
Author: Golf Australia

South Australian Club Golf Results – Monday




   KOOYONGA: Women Cleek 1 Pennant: Kooyonga 4 bt Grange 1 (S Fuller bt O O'Rourke 2-1 J Woods lost to H Sanderson 4-3 S Parsons bt A Coats 3-2 N Parkyn bt J Webber 5-4 J Young bt T Anderson 3-2), Blackwood 3 bt Glenelg 2 (G Holzer bt I Lynch 3-2 H Aylett bt L Neuling 2 up bt Cottrell bt L Kelton 3-2 B Mitchell lost to F MacPherson 3-2 N Govan lost to K Morrison 2 down), Royal Adelaide 4 bt Flagstaff Hill 1 (A Coventry bt J Davies 6-5 A Younger lost to V Nairn 4-3 A Tolley bt S Pearce 6-4 J Goode bt B Johnson 4-2 O Holubowycz bt H Anderson 3-2), Tea Tree Gully 2-1/2 drew Mt Osmond 2-1/2 (B Paneros lost to R Gwilliam 4-3 W Burns lost to S Attrill 3-2 J Tannebring bt L Finch 1 up G Ludlow sq L Marshall H Wilum bt S Sipek 1 up).