Date: August 26, 2014

South Western successfully defends title in Women’s Country Teams

The Alice Coltman Cup in Division 1 was won for the second year in a row by a determined and well prepared team – the South Western District.
The division 2 cup was won by Western, whilst the Division 3 title was claimed by Dalhousie. All winning teams went undefeated through the series which is a remarkable effort.
Despite the unsettling and late start due to a fog delay players enjoyed beautiful sunny skies, mild temperatures and two fantastic Melbourne courses today – Victoria & Peninsula-Kingswood.
In division 1, a combination of some young and experienced players allowed the South Western team to dominate their opposition. Four of the players within the South Western team went undefeated throughout the series of matches which played a major part in the team’s success. Claiming back the title is not a rare occurrence for the South Western team either. They were crowned champions 3 years in a row from 1999 to 2001 setting the challenge for the current crop to match the feats of their past team and claim a hat trick of titles in 2015.   
The Western District will be promoted to Division 1 in 2015 after their excellent performance this week. The team had two important additions which heavily contributed to their success. One of them is youngster Joanna Flaherty and a more experienced and well known player Deb Rix.
In Division 3, Dalhousie capped off a great week defeating West Gippsland in their final round – not surprisingly 6 of their players went undefeated.  This victory was very welcomed by team which were determined to go back to Division 2 after last year’s relegation.
Players headed back to their home towns grateful and appreciative of the opportunity not just to play the great courses Melbourne has to offer but also the camaraderie and spirit in which this prestigious competition is played.
2014 results and player statistics can be viewed online via Results Vault by clicking here. For more information about Women’s Country Teams and to see photo gallery click here.
Dates and venues for 2015 are as follows:
2015 Dates/Venues
Division 1
Division 2
24 August 
Spring Valley
Spring Valley
25 August 
Settlers Run
Settlers Run
26 August 
Peninsula – Kingswood*

 *Peninsula site

Division 2 winners – Western District

Division 3 winners – Dalhousie District