Date: April 12, 2014

Southern Metropolitan Lead Thyne Trophy

The Southern Metropolitan Golf Association has shot to the top of the leader board following the first round of the 2014 James Boag Thyne Trophy. The Metro team comfortably defeated the Southern Country Golf Association five and a half matches to one and a half. Wins went to Andrew Phillips, Mark Schulze, David Pretyman, Matthew Blackburn and Craig Christie. Whilst Drew Roberts, Captain of the Country, secured the Country s sole victory. Golf Tasmania North defeated Golf North West in their encounter. The favoured Northern team won four and a half matches to two and a half over a gutsy and North West unit. Northern wins went to John Cassidy, David House, Mitch Van Noord and Matthew Marston. Cameron Allen and Peter Nielsen won for Golf North West. To download results from the 2014 James Boag Thyne Trophy please click here