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Special Projects and Reports

Golf Australia Research. Golf Australia has conducted numerous research projects over the years. To find out more click on the relevant topic: The Environment. GST impact on clubs Golf Club Surveys. Acknowledging the challenges the industry faces in the 21st Century Golf Australia has teamed with Ernst & Young to produce Surveys since 2002. These Club Surveys contain information on various areas of golf, including membership levels, green fees, employment and course expenditure. You can download a complimentary copy of the various Executive Summaries below: 1995 Golf Club Survey (663kb) 2002 Golf Club Survey (144kb) – A copy of the full report can be purchased from the AGU for a reduced price of $110 . 2004 Golf Club Survey (178kb) – A copy of the Survey can be purchased from the AGU. Club questionnaire only. 2005 Individual Golfer Survey Following on from the success of the 2003 Individual Golfer Survey, Ernst & Young are producing yet another survey which is designed to track the changing traits and needs of Australian Golfers. You can take part in the survey by clicking here. 2003 Individual Golfer Survey. In 2003 Ernst & Young, along with many sponsors, including Golf Australia, produced The Australian Golfers Survey. Almost 12,000 Australian Golfers responded to the Survey with their thoughts on issues relating to golf in Australia. These include golf participation, club & social golf trends, travel, equipment usage and many other areas of golf. The Executive Summary of this report What&aposs Driving Australian Golfers can be found here. For more survey information and other Ernst & Young industry research go to: