Date: February 13, 2008

Srixon prize winner alert

To all our winners, This is an important announcement for all those prize winners who were listed as having won one of 400 Srixon AD333 Golf Ball Packs as part of the Junior Golf Development Lottery. Your names and winning tickets were listed in December and due to the Christmas break were scheduled to be posted by Srixon Sports Australia from Sydney the week commencing 14th January 2008. It is with our sincerest apologies I inform you of the reasons for the delay in receiving your prize. Srixon Sports Australia underwent major renovations to their Sydney office during January and due to damage to their computer systems they were unable to confirm until this week that the prizes were not delivered as scheduled. Please be assured if you are listed as a winner on our website you will receive your prize as Srixon have guaranteed they will complete the mailing of the 400 prize packs by 15 February 2007. Thank you for your patience, Tony Hallam Chief Executive Officer Golf Australia