Date: November 29, 2013
Author: Jack Newton Junior Golf

State Encourage Shield Winners Celebrate

The reigning Encourage Shield title holders, Jean, Lily, Lachie, Crackers, Tom and Sam from Port Macquarie, had a weekend away in Newcastle recently to celebrate their victory.

The tour started with a return to the venue of victory, Newcastle Golf Club. While it pelted down in all areas of the State, the team enjoyed a pleasant round bathed in sunshine and fine conditions.

After a fine meal and relaxing night at the Plaza, the team was greeted by wet and windy conditions for the Sunday competition at Pacific Dunes. The accompanying parents did not have an umbrella, so did not venture out. Lily and Jean lasted nine holes, while the boys battled on to complete their round.

The team would like to thank JNJG for the opportunity to compete in such a fantastic event and Greg Watkinson for all the work he does as the event organisor. They look forward to defending their title in 2014.

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