Date: April 11, 2016
Author: Dave Tease, Golf NSW

State team go out on a limb

The Golf NSW Men’s and Women’s State teams have literally ‘gone out on a limb’ in a novel effort to build team rapport before the 2016 Australian Interstate Series.

The teams spent a day at the Treetop Adventure Park near Newcastle recently facing challenges ranging from tarzan swings, monkey bar climbing and tight rope walking through to riding flying foxes while suspended 20 to 30 metres in the air.

“It is all about getting them out of their comfort zone,” State Coach Dean Kinney said. “It made them work together, support one another, and to teach them to think outside the square when it came to solving problems they encounter in competition.”

Some of the challenges the teams faced included moving themselves from one tree to another, climbing and swinging through the canopy of the forest, while encouraging their team mates to overcome any fears that they had.

Blake Windred was thrilled with the experience.

“It was awesome, and really good to be with my team mates outside of the golf course.”

“It pushed me out of my comfort zone, and taught me to not be complacent,” he said.

The day was a resounding success in Kinney’s eyes, and the feedback from the players was fantastic. Most were keen to bring their family and friends up for the challenge.

"It’s something they wouldn’t normally do themselves. It will hopefully teach them some skills they can apply to golf when it comes to conquering challenges they will face on the course,” Kinney said.