Date: June 07, 2007

Stuart Appleby Junior Golf Launch ‘Team Golf for Schools’

A free and easy to learn program has been made available to all Victorian Secondary Schools (years 7 and 8) by Stuart Appleby Junior Golf. The Team Golf for schools program is designed to expose golf widely to children, offering a school based coaching session and providing children with the opportunity to compete in a team based Ambrose format against other schools from around the state. Funding for the program came from Stuart Appleby s Birdie Meter campaign in which he donated $50,000 plus $2000 for every birdie he scored during the 2006/7 Australasian Tour to the Team Golf for Schools program and Beyondblue. The program is making golf more accessible to the schools and children who previously may not have had the resources and opportunities to have involvement in such an event. It also adds to the experiences of children already exposed to golf through their Primary School and the VPSSA championship. For more information, click here to visit the Stuart Appleby Junior Golf website