Date: June 25, 2015

Stuart’s Profile

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Height: 6’1’’ (186 cms) 
Weight: 185 pounds (85 Kilos) 
Birthdate: May 1, 1971 
Birthplace: Cohuna, AUSTRALIA 
Residence: Orlando, FLORIDA 
Family: Wife, Ashley; Daughters, Ella (2005), Mia (2006), Max (2008) and Rex (2010)
Special Interests: Action sports, motor racing 
Turned Professional: 1992 
Joined USPGA Tour: 1996

Stuart began his career on the PGA Tour of Australasia. In 1995 he won twice on the Nike Tour (now known as the Tour), the second tier men's tour on in the U.S. He was the eighth player to win his first Tour start. 

He qualified to compete on the PGA Tour the following year by finishing the season fifth on the money list. Stuart has now won nine times on the PGA Tour. He was a member of the International Team in the Presidents Cup four times. 

His best performance in a major championship came in 2002, where he narrowly missed out in a four-way playoff to at The Open Championship. 

In 2010, during the final round of the inaugural Greenbrier Classic, Stuart became the fifth player in history to shoot a 59 in an official PGA Tour event. 

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About Stuart's Golf

I started playing in Cohuna when I was 14, hitting golf balls around my parents' farm! I think I became a state junior level player when I was 18. 

To become a better golfer you have to practise hard and be VERY patient. In time your game will grow…it may take 10-20 years but it can happen… look at me. I've had my coach – Steven Bann – since I was 18 and he's made a big difference to all parts of my game. He's given me guidance through all parts of my career.  

EXERCISE is very important!! I always warm-up and stretch before each round (for about 15-30 minutes) and then warm-down and stretch after all my practice is done (again, for about 15-30 minutes). My trainer, Vern McMillan, helps me to develop training programs that continually improve my fitness and flexibility. You have to consider yourself to be an athlete as well as a professional golfer.  

You need a good foundation of flexibility when you're young, and then keep working on it for when you're older.  It will make a huge difference in keeping your swing fresh even when you're old like me! 

In my weeks off the game I spend a bit more time in the gym doing harder work to increase my preparation and fitness for when I head back out for the next section of events.


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