Date: April 22, 2014
Author: Jack Newton Junior Golf

Students in Miranda Play Golf


School Students Visit Kareela


On Wednesday 2nd April, Miranda OOSH AASC site completed their seven week MYGolf program in style by visiting Kareela Golf Club!

The students from Miranda OOSH participated in golf at the school during the term and were taught a range of skills by the AASC golf coach. All the kids were very excited to test out their skills at a real golf course and using real golf balls, and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Three skill stations were set up at the golf course: there was a putting station, chipping station and long game station. In their groups everyone was able to try out the three skills. Lots of talent was shown from the students. Some of the girls and boys may have caught the golfing bug!!

A big thank you must go to the staff from Miranda OOSH for organising the kids to go off site and visit the golf course. Also the afternoon would not have happened without the kids AASC golf coach and regional coordinator that helped out on the day by one taking a station and the other taking some great photos.

Of course Kareela Golf Club must be thanked for hosting the afternoon and a big thank you to Glen Dick the resident Golf Professional who took the kids through their long game and even taught them some trick shots!

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