Date: August 22, 2017
Author: MyGolf

Students on course works

It’s one thing to learn at school – a whole other thing to get the chance to play at one of Australia’s leading clubs.

So when 160 Flinders College students played at The National Golf Club’s Long Island course recently, the excitement among the kids was clearly evident.

Practising and refining all the important golf skills they had learnt during the term, students had the opportunity to spend an afternoon on course and rotate among six activity stations including putting, chipping, iron shots, drives, bunker play and SNAG golf.

Jayden Zeinstra, of Golf Victoria, who helped co-ordinate the visit, said the relationship between schools and local clubs was vital in giving students an experience that would give them an opportunity to continue playing golf after school finished. 

“The come-and-try day is the first step in a great journey for these kids who get exposure to the local club environment, to meet its members, view the facilities and get provided with an opportunity to return to the club as part of their MyGolf Program or participate in the clubs primary schools golf event,” Zeinstra said.

“This is the third year the structure has been in place and the relationship between the school and club is healthier than ever.”

The success of the program has been largely because of a “whole-club” approach to actively involving volunteers, board members and PGA Professionals.

“This is a great example of what can happen when a local club opens its doors to a school and has the support of all involved,” Zeinstra said.

“It’s certainly something we would like to be able to do a lot more of to help create vital pathway opportunities for children to begin their golfing journey.”