Date: August 19, 2014
Author: Christian Puccini / Golf SA



SALISBURY GREEN PAR 3 is launching SUPA GOLF at its Opening Day on Saturday 30 August.

The club is holding a COME & TRY day for free from 10am – 4pm encouraging golfers of all ages to attend and give golf a go. (FLYER)

“We are Growing the Game and encouraging more people to have fun in the process. Normal golf at Salisbury will also be staying as there will be 2 holes on every green with different colour flags and size holes so you will still have the choice.” said Christine Burton Operations Manager at BTM Golf

SUPA GOLF is a modified form of the game that enables everyone to enjoy the golf experience.

Clubs have much larger heads than traditional golf clubs and are made out of polycarbonate composites. 

Similarly the SUPA GOLF ball is larger, softer and made out of polyurethane composites.  The ball is designed so that it has similar flight characteristics to a conventional golf ball but is limited in the distance that it will travel, generally no further than one hundred meters. The ball comes in many bright colours, is safer and is almost impossible to lose.

The putting hole is two and a half times larger than in traditional golf.

SUPA GOLF was first trialled in South Australia from April 2012 until February 2013 at the North Adelaide Golf Course Par 3 with some success.

During the trial however at North Adelaide players had the choice to use the SUPA GOLF clubs and balls or normal equipment but only the SUPA GOLF sized hole was in use. So perhaps offering the two hole option at Salisbury Green will prove to be popular with new as well as regular players.

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