Date: May 12, 2016
Author: Christian Puccini

Tanunda Pines wins the Lynas Honda Cup

by Lesley Montfort

CONGRATULATIONS to the Women of TANUNDA PINES for winning the Lynas Valley Honda Cup, Tuesday the 10th May, held at Tanunda Pines Golf Club.

Now in it's 10th year, the Lynas Valley Honda Cup, sponsored by Lynas Valley Honda in the Barossa, was originally organised as a social competition between the women from both the Barossa Valley Golf Club and Tanunda Pines Golf Club by Tim Lynas, previous owner of Lynas Valley Honda. "I just wanted to organise an event that brought the two clubs, especially the women, closer together".

Now under new ownership, the Lynas Auto Group's General Manager, Justin Wood, announced on the day, that "they would love to continue to sponsor this event and keep the traditional name of 'Lynas Valley Honda Cup'."  During the presentations Justin also acknowledged the success of this event through a comment made by one of the Barossa Valley women that "it was the best game of golf she had had in months". 

As the results for A and B Grades were read out and presented it seemed apparent that Barossa Valley had won the Cup, but an average of each Clubs saw Tanunda Pines win by a very small margin.  The final result was 29.083 (Tanunda Pines) to 28.883 (Barossa Valley)

The Lynas Valley Honda Cup has now been won by Tanunda Pines Golf Club for 7 of the 10 years, but going over the last 6 years it's looks like there is a home course advantage. It will be interesting to see the results next year when the Cup is competed for at Barossa Valley Golf Club.

The women from both Clubs would again like to thank Lynas Valley Honda for their continued support and willingness to  continue the tradition of sponsoring this event.  This type of event not only supports womens golf, but enables women who live within the same area the chance to meet, network and make friends with like minded sportswomen.

Overall Winners – Tanunda Pines Golf Club

A Grade    
Winner – Betty Baird (BV) – 34pts
RunnerUp – Phyllis Homburg (BV) – 33pts

B Grade     
Winner – Mary Fleer (BV) – 37pts
RunnerUp – Rachael Duncan – 35pts

A Grade
Longest Drive – Betty Baird (BV)

B Grade
Longest Drive – Rachael Duncan

6th 2nd shot – B Grade – Helen Peters
8th – B Grade – Mary Fleer (BV)
11th 2nd shot – A Grade – Maureen McGillivray
16th A Grade – no one!!

Straightest Drive (closest to the rope) – Betty Baird (BV)