Date: December 19, 2013

Tasmania Golf Club Flags New Membership Structure

The Board of Tasmania Golf Club has resolved to change its club s membership structure to better reflect the needs of changing lifestyles. Moving forward for members over twenty five years of age there will only be three categories of membership available for new golfers. Casual membership will entitle members to play the course at any time outside key competition and event times. Casual members do not get a handicap, are not entitled to reciprocal rights and this category of membership is $525. General membership entitles members to a handicap and can play in competitions however a premium comp fee applies. Competition fees for general category of membership will be $35 for the Saturday competition and $25 for all other competition. General members have restricted reciprocal rights and this category of membership costs $575 plus capitation fees. Full Membership is unchanged with members entitled to full rights. They cannot downgrade membership within a financial year. Tasmania Golf Club will not be taking on any more new memberships in the five and six day categories. However existing members in this category will be able to retain their membership if they choose. Memberships in the new general category are now available on a pro rata basis for new members