Date: January 31, 2017
Author: Golf Tasmania

Tasmanian Men’s Team Announced

Golf Tasmania today announced the Tasmanian Men’s Team to contest the 2017 Australian Men’s Interstate Teams Matches.

Tasmania Golf Club’s Mark Schulze will again Captain the eight-man team which will contest the Australian Men’s Interstate Team Matches in Perth in May.

Schulze’s squad this year includes Launceston Golf Club’s Mitch Van Noord and Greg Longmore, Tasmania’s Nathan Gatehouse, Andrew Phillips and Paul Read, and Samuel Rawlings from Riverside.

Tasmania Golf Club’s Richard Kube will also return to the national scene after a brief absence from the team. Kube last represented Tasmania in 2013.

Iron Pot Golf Club member Gary Purdon will manage the team while Tasmania Golf Club Professional Nick White has been named Tasmanian Coach.

The Australian Men’s Interstate Teams Matches will be conducted at the Melville Glades Golf Club, Western Australia from May 9-12.

Each State and Northern Territory play each other over singles match play in a round robin format, concluding with a Final and each men's teams consist of eight players.

The Australian Men's Interstate Teams Matches are Australia's pinnacle Amateur Team Golf Championships.


·        Nathan Gatehouse – Tasmania

·        Richard Kube – Tasmania

·        Greg Longmore – Launceston

·        Andrew Phillips – Tasmania

·        Samuel Rawlings – Riverside

·        Paul Read – Tasmania

·        Mark Schulze (Captain) – Tasmania

·        Mitch Van Noord – Launceston

·        Nick White (Coach) – Tasmania & Gary Purdon (Manager) – Iron Pot