Date: February 09, 2017
Author: Golf Tasmania

Tasmanian women’s team announced

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L-R: Georgia Milbourne, Hallie Meaburn, Zahara Lemon and Lily Caelli.  Absent: Pamela Chen and Sarah Johnstone (Captain).

Golf Tasmania is pleased to announce the 2017 Tasmanian Women’s Team.

Ulverstone Golf Club’s Sarah Johnstone has been named Captain of the team and this is her fifth year in the role.

Johnstone will lead the six woman team that will contest the Australian Women’s Interstate Team Matches in Perth during May.

Johnstone’s squad this year will include the likes of Royal Hobart Golf Club’s Pamela Chen and Tasmania Golf Club young guns Zahara Lemon (17) and Georgia Milbourne (18).

Lemon and Milbourne will be making their fourth appearance in the Tasmanian women’s team.

New members to the team in 2017 are 17-year-old Prospect Vale Golf Club member Lily Caelli and 13-year-old Royal Hobart Golf Club member Hallie Meaburn.

Seabrook Golf Club Professional Zak Rollins has been named as Coach and Royal Hobart Golf Club member Zibeth Daubenton will manage the team in this her second year in role.

Each state plays each other over singles match play in a round robin format, concluding with a Final and each women's teams consist of six players.

The Australian Women’s Interstate Teams Matches will be conducted at the Royal Fremantle Golf Club, Western Australia from May 9-11.

The Australian Women's Interstate Teams Matches are Australia's pinnacle Amateur Team Golf Championships.

WOMEN’S TEAM: Lily Caelli – Prospect Vale, Pamela Chen – Royal Hobart, Sarah Johnstone (Captain) – Ulverstone, Zahara Lemon – Tasmania, Hallie Meaburn – Royal Hobart, Georgia Milbourne – Tasmania, Kalynda Cowen (Emergency) – Penguin, Zak Rollins (Coach) – Seabrook and Zibeth Daubenton (Manager) – Royal Hobart.