Date: May 03, 2019

Teen Girls Golf

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Never played golf? No worries!

Teen Girls Golf is the perfect way to have a go at golf with your friends.

All girls. No experience needed. Team focussed competition.

Run by Golf Australia, Teen Golf introduces girls aged 12-15 to the skills of golf in social, fun and friendly way on local golf courses.

Girls will enjoy a 6 week program that includes expert coaching, practice, and a team competition all for the cost of a casual yoga class.  

Learn together. Play together.

Free clinics now running in Queensland and Tasmania, find your local program below.

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Dates & locations

Golf Australia is running four pilot Teen Golf competitions – Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia (complete). Dates and locations for each of the programs are listed below:




  • – Windaroo Lakes, South Brisbane (Sat 20 Jul – Sat 24 Aug, 1:30-3:00pm)
  • – KDV Sport, Gold Coast (Mon 29 Jul – Mon 2 Sep, 3:30-5:30pm)



Who can play?

Teen Golf is for girls aged 12-15 who have no or little experience in golf.



Program format

Each Teen Golf session will run for no more than 90 minutes and include expert coaching, practice on a golf course, and playing the game.

  • – Weeks 1-2: Introduction & practicing the skills of game
  • – Weeks 3-5: Practice & team competition
  • – Week 6: Grand Final day & End of Season Presentation

Team composition

Teams will be made up of four girls. Girls can join the program alongside their friends as a team, or as an individual and will be allocated to a team by Golf Australia.

About the competition

Following two weeks of coaching and practice, teams will play in a competition over 4 weeks, which will culminate in a Grand Final gala day.

All team members will play alongside each other each week, working together to earn points for their team so they can climb the competition ladder.

Each week teams will play four holes together using the Ambrose format of play. In Ambrose golf, all team members tee off, with the team choosing the position of the ‘best tee shot’ for everyone to take their next shot. This process is repeated until the team gets the ball in the hole.

If you hit the best shot of your team, your ball position is used by everyone for their next shot. If you hit a bad shot, it doesn’t matter because everyone will take their next shot from where your team’s best positioned ball is.

Weekly scoring

Teams will accrue points based on how many shots it takes the team to get the ball into the hole.

Ladder points

Each week the team that finishes with the most points (first place) will get the most ladder points and vice versa.

Grand Final Gala Day

The final round of play will see teams compete for the Teen Golf Premiership over six holes.

At the conclusion of the Grand Final an end of season presentation will be held, with team and individual awards handed out.





To contact Golf Australia about the Teen Girls Golf program please email or phone (03) 9626 5000.

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