Date: September 18, 2018
Author: Shaun Hickman

Territory students Ti up for first hit

The children of Ti Tree, a small town 190km north of Alice Springs, have just had their first taste of swinging a golf club – and absolutely loved it.

For the 40 students who had the chance to hit a long, straight drive or hole a putt for the first time, golf was something they had only seen on the nightly news bulletins.

With the tiny Northern Territory town having a population of only 150, the game was introduced to more than a quarter of its residents by regional school sport officer Pam Dillon, who was impressed at how quickly the students learnt the skill.

“None of the students had tried golf before,” Dillon said.

“Some of the older students had seen it on the TV, but never had the chance to feel the rush of hitting the golf ball long and straight.

“All the students had great fun participating in the fun games that I delivered to teach the skills.”

Two MyGolf school equipment kits were donated to the region by Golf Northern Territory to help promote the sport within several schools in the Barkly region.

“The kits provide a fantastic opportunity for students across the region to try their hand at the skills involved in golf,” Dillon said.

“Seeing as nearly all the schools don’t have access to a golf course, equipment or even grass ovals, the kits are perfect.”

Ti Tree students were first cab off the rank to use the kits and everyone had a ball.

The younger students were first shown how to use the putter and while they enjoyed those activities, they wanted to move quickly towards using the driver.

Dillon said some students demonstrated a natural golf swing and made great connection with the golf ball, a feat which caused great excitement.

“There were screams of delight when their golf ball sailed through the air and nearly over the school fence,” Dillon said.

Ti Tree students are already looking forward to more golf sessions with the golf kits to continue their golfing journey again in 2019.