Date: April 20, 2018
Author: Brett Robinson

Thank a superintendent this May

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The Australian Golf Course Superintendents’ Association (AGCSA) is encouraging all who love the game of golf to get behind its ‘Thank a Superintendent Week’ campaign which will run from 14-20 May 2018.

During this week the AGCSA is asking all golfers, club members, staff and administrators across Australia to give a shout out to their course superintendent and maintenance team for the effort that goes into presenting their golf course throughout the year.

Course superintendents manage the largest and most valuable asset of every golf facility – the course. A living, breathing and constantly evolving natural environment, it’s prudent and expert management at all levels is critical to the success and viability of any golf club.

Australia is blessed with some of world’s best golf courses and over the years Australian superintendents and their crews have developed a reputation for being among the leaders in their profession worldwide.

An affinity for the land, intimate knowledge of local conditions, a strong work ethic and a desire to present their patch of turf in the best possible condition, are just some of the many attributes a course superintendent brings to their club.

To give some kudos for their unstinting work and having to deal with the myriad challenges which confront them daily, the AGCSA has decided to launch ‘Thank A Superintendent Week’.

From 14-20 May, the AGCSA urges all in the golf industry to get involved by posting a message of thanks to their superintendent on social media (including the name of the club and the superintendent) and using the campaign hashtags #ThankASuperAUS and #OurAGCSA.

“The aim of ‘Thank a Superintendent Week’ week is to drive awareness and recognition of the great contributions that golf course superintendents and their teams make to the game of golf in Australia,” says AGCSA CEO Mark Unwin.

“From the many small regional gems to major metropolitan icons, Australia is home to some of the most magnificent golf courses in the world.

"Australian golfers are blessed to play on such world-class facilities week in, week out and this is largely as a result of the passion and dedication of the course superintendent and their team.

“The AGCSA is very proud of the role its members play in providing world-class playing conditions and elevating the game of golf in Australia,” says Mr Unwin.

“The #ThankASuperAUS campaign is designed for clubs, members and the Australian golf industry to recognise the efforts, the hours and the passion superintendents and their teams put in to managing and maintaining their golf course.

“Please join us in thanking our superintendents by sharing the pride in your course through photos, videos and stories of memorable moments and using the hashtags #ThankASuperAUS and #OurAGCSA.

"Because, if you are one of the millions of Australians who love the game of golf and are proud of your course, then let your superintendent know about it!”