Date: October 03, 2017
Author: Golf Australia

That dreaded fear of missing out�

That dreaded fear of missing out…

Jenny was suffering from FOMO.

The Adelaide mother’s “fear of missing out” on what was becoming a fun activity the family was enjoying together was beginning to bug her.

“My kids both do MyGolf and love it! My six-year-old son, Joshua is always saying what fun golf is and my 10-year-old daughter, Hayley loves that she can play with her dad,” Jenny said.

This was Jenny’s inspiration to learn golf by enrolling in a recent Swing Fit program at Adelaide Shores Golf Course.

“I had never played golf before. Swing Fit has been a great way to get me started, so I can now go out on weekends and enjoy golf with my family.”

Congratulations on completing your Swing Fit program, Jenny and keep enjoying MyGolf Joshua and Hayley! We hope you enjoy many fun rounds of golf together!

Want to spend time with your family in a beautiful outdoor setting?

Adelaide Shores Golf Park is running a free Swing Fit come-and-try session on Saturday 7 October (11:30am) followed by a program starting 21 October.

Click here to register now!

Swing Fit is the fun, healthy and social way for women to get started in golf. Find out more at  and get your children playing a sport they can enjoy for the rest of their lives at