Date: November 12, 2016
Author: Roy Fleming

The best swing I�ve seen in years’

He couldn’t quite work out the connection. He knew the 20-year-old from Victoria recently won his first major tournament, the Queensland Open, but there was something else. It was as they were walking down the first at Stonecutters on Thursday morning that Allenby had a lightbulb moment. 

It was at one of Allenby’s annual Challenge Charity golf events that he first met Coletta, the protege brought to the charity event by one of Allenby’s good friends. “He (Allenby’s friend) brought Brett along as the ring-in a few years ago. He said to me, 'Robert, you're going to see this guy on tour in a couple of years’. 

Then 'boom', we're paired together the first two days. I'm going, 'I know this kid, I know this kid'. I'm looking at him as we're walking down the fairway and I thought, 'holy crap this is the kid from a few years ago’.”

Allenby, who shot 66 today to put himself in contention for the Kel Nagle Cup, became acquainted with Coletta’s game over the first two days, including his 10-under opening round. 

He liked what he saw.

"I think he's amazing,” Allenby said.

“I think he's a young Adam Scott. Brett is such an amazing kid who has such an amazing demeanour. When you look at him at address you already know he's going to hit a good shot. Same with putting. He has the whole nine yards,

“Swing-wise Scotty has probably got the prettiest swing in the world, but I really rate (Coletta) with his swing high up there. Adam has got a smart brain and knows how to get it done and he's been a champion for such a long time, but for Brett 20 years old and coming into the game … if he learns quick he's going to be a world beater. No question. He's probably got the best swing I've seen of any golfer for many, many years.”

Coletta’s stellar opening round once again raised the question about when he would turn professional. And whilst Allenby believes he has the game to play professionally immediately, timing and lack of golf opportunities are not good prospects for a young man who needs lots of quality golf opportunities.

"I think for him (staying amateur) it's a smart idea,”” Allenby said.

"There's not a whole lot for him to play in. I wish Australia had many more tournaments as I'd be here living and playing every week. If he wins here he'd get more recognition. If he was to win next week (at the Australian Open) he'd get a lot of recognition because that's a world stage with Adam Scott, Jordan Spieth and a bunch of others. I think another year under his belt might be a good thing, but from what I saw over the first two days he's ready to go now. It's where can he play? That's the question.”