Date: May 18, 2018
Author: Christian Puccini

The future of Belair Park Golf Course & Golf Club

Message from Belair Park Golf Club Committee

Many of you will be aware that in late January of this year, following administration/liquidation of the business managing the lease of the Belair Park Golf Course and Country Club, both were closed.

This left the Belair Park Golf Club with no golf course for our members to play and compete on.

Thankfully, though the generosity of both The Stirling and Echunga Golf Clubs, we have interim arrangements for our members to play and compete as a club.

On the 11th May, the office of Steven Marshall posted a media release specifically on the future of the Belair Park Golf Course and the Country Club, providing a summary of the situation and including links through to the National Parks South Australia website.

On this website, under ‘Get Involved’, is an explanation of the opportunity that now exists for both Business and the Community to have their say regarding the future uses of the site. A survey link is provided for interested parties to offer their thoughts.

For the Belair Park Golf Club our first and foremost need is to retain the golf course site as a golf course, ideally as it is now, an 18 hole golf course – we seek your strong support to keep this as is.

For the Country Club, it has always been associated with the Club, though with no direct business connection, we are of course also keen to retain a working partnership going forward.

As for our Belair Park Golf Club itself, there is no direct linkage noted to either the Course or the Country Club and it is here that we seek your additional help and support.

Originally, the initial lease arrangements provided for a Golf Club, a Clubroom, a Pro Shop and associated playing facilities, which now under the open opportunity for almost any sort of business to lease the site, we seek your help in highlighting our Golf Club’s ongoing partnership with the Golf Course and any potential association with the Country Club.

From our local community perspective, and really from a state-wide perspective, the Belair Park Golf Course is a unique asset to us all and as such we should fight to keep it that way. From our Golf Club’s perspective, we just want our Course back. We want our members to have a home for our Club, a place that we can identify ourselves with, a place where we can honour our trophy winners, a place where we can compete and encourage participation in a sport that we love – a place that brings the golfing community together for the ongoing future of Golf in SA.

Community feedback can be provided by completing the online survey at