Date: May 14, 2019
Author: Marketing & Communications

The future of Golf Month

Golf Month future


•   Golf Month has been Golf Australia's and the State’s major marketing drive for the past four years
•   Significant monies has been spent on the initiative each year
•   Before embarking again, a thorough review of the initiative was undertaken to establish if it was delivering an acceptable ROI
•   Results were conclusive; most key stakeholders questioned the sense in continuing with the program in its current format.

   Key findings:

   – Changing annual objectives made it hard to measure overall success
   – Club buy-in has been low, only 14% of clubs nationally participated in 2018
   – Finding a month that suits all clubs nationally is difficult
   – Hand-holding golf clubs was the key to their engagement; this equals GA resourcing pressure.

Future direction confirmation


•   Decommission Golf Month
•   Commit to spend similar monies, but reallocate to focus our 2019 major marketing spend on the launch of the new Get Into Golf programs in September and to leverage the AO, Presidents Cup and PGA Champ build up.
•   Create a strong comms plan for industry (clubs, state boards, GA staff) explaining the new direction including key messaging for our spokespeople Long-term
•   Create a national “share the game” campaign to leverage our database which can be dialled up or down in any part of the country, any time of year.