Date: September 14, 2015

The Program

A Swing Fit program consists of six weekly sessions, with each lasting 75 minutes.

You can expect a range of positive outcomes at the conclusion of the program.

Skill development

Beginners will learn the basics of golf in a fun and social way. Outcomes include how to:

– Take your stance and grip the club

– Swing and move your body like a golfer

– Hit the ball

– Putt with poise and precision

– Refine your aim

Swing Fit can also help increase your range of movement and flexibility, improve upper, mid and lower body conditioning and even your cardiovascular health.

Golf is a really social sport and we're finding that Swing Fit is creating friendships on and off the course. The sessions are interactive, so you'll get to know your fellow participants and you can expect a few laughs along the way.

Each Swing Fit session has between 6-10 participants. All activities are designed to be completed in pairs and the approach includes a lot of games, so you'll learn without even realising that's what is happening. You'll also have time to debrief at the end of each session.

The program schedule is:



10 minutes

Introduction, dynamic progressive warm up (and get to know your group in Week 1)

15 minutes

Learning and/or refreshing golf swing basics

15 minutes

Golf-specific conditioning activities

15 minutes

Putting activities

5 minutes


15 minutes

Debrief and drink