Date: November 13, 2016
Author: Roy Fleming

The real heroes who make things happen

You simply cannot run fantastic golf tournaments without volunteers, and throughout this week’s NSW Open all up, 92 people have given their time and energy to ensure the event is successful.

Golf NSW spoke to three of them as the fourth round got under way.

Bob McIntyre, Greg Titmuss and Danny Foster are good mates and members of Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club. They have volunteered their time for the three years the event has been held at this magnificent facility in Sydney’s west.

GNSW: What inspires you to volunteer for this event?
Greg: It’s our home track. If you’re not going to come and support it here then you’re not making an effort. Golf NSW has given us a chance to have the tournament here and the least we can do is to get down here, volunteer, make it the best it can be, and you share the experiences with the golfers. You see how far they hit it, how tough it is making a living as a professional golfer.

GNSW: How is it seeing your home club in this sort of condition?
Greg: We’ve just finished playing our club championships here and you can see the course slowly starting to green up. We haven’t had a great spring where the grass is jumping out of the ground, but it’s still in very good condition.

GNSW:  What’s it like being a member here?
Danny: It’s great, homely.
Greg: All the houses you see here now, it’s really grown. Where those houses are now (near the clubhouse), we used to park there.

GNSW: Will you be back next year?
Greg: Absolutely, especially if it’s held here again. I believe there’s talk about Stonecutters hosting it again for the next two years. If that’s the case, we’ll definitely be here again.

GNSW: The highlight of the week?
Danny: Deyen Lawson’s tee shot on the 14th yesterday (370m par four)
Greg: We were behind it and he hit it to three feet. It was unbelievable. Just to see how far all three of them banged it down15 as well. It’s been amazing to watch it up so close.